MeggaMusic - Best albums of 2017

In alphabetical order (impossible to place them in any order of preference)

Aleks Michalski - All These Little Elements
Alien Nature & Christian Fiesel - Unter Null (Aural Films)
Alluste - Trappist-1
Ambient Temple of Imagination - Eleusinia revisited
Alpha Wave Movement - Cerulean Skies (Harmonic Resonance)
Androcell - 2-Hour Mix
Atom Sessions - Sinthesizer
Ascendant - Particle Horizon (Synphaera)
Ashnaia Project - Escape From Reality
Aythar - The God Particle (Txt Recordings)
Between Interval - Legacy (Spotted Peccary)
Billow Observatory - II: Plains/Patterns (Azure Vista)
Blue Lily Commission - Altaidubs
Bonobo - Migration (Ninja Tune)
bvdub - Heartless (n5MD)
Cafe Amsterdam - Higher Vision (Spacereadio)
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts (Leftfield)
Chillum - Enlightenment of Buddha (Mystic Sound)
Chris Weeks - The Grey Ghost Of Morning
Chronotope Project - Ovum (Spotted Peccary)
Circa State - Homegrown (Kahvi Collective)
CLANN - Seelie (Kookoo)
Cosmic Touch - Linked to the Essence (Visionary Shamanics)
Cousin Silas - Permutations (We Are All Ghosts)
Cousin Silas & the Glove of Bones - New Dub Manifesto (We Are All Ghosts)
Cubering - Soma (Microcosmos)
Dan Caine - Captured Whispers (Unreleased Recordings Vol. I)
DASK - Messages (SynGate)
Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Six Degrees)
Dense & Fourth Dimension - Mindcycles Remixed (Cosmicleaf)
Der Waldläufer - Fluidum
Derek Nigell - Distant Ocean (USC)
Deya Dova - Myth of the Cave Remixes (Reflekta)
Djam Karet - Sonic Celluloid (HC Productions)
Dopedrone - Something Pale
Dreissk - To Nowhere (n5MD)
Drumspyder - Dragon Heart
Dub Trees - Celtic Vedic In Dub (Liquid Sound Design)
Dubnotic - It Was Meant To Be (Visionary Shamanics)
Dubsahara - Geonosis
Dubsalon - Ancient Tongues (Nutek Chill)
Eat Static - Last Ship To Paradise (Interchill)
Eguana - Expectation (Cosmicleaf)
Eguana - I Remember All (Plexus Music)
Eisenlager - The Joy Division 2 (Studio 4632)
Electric Orange - EOXXV (Studio Fleisch)
Entheogenic - Dreamtime Physics (Universal Symbiosis)
Erik Wøllo - Different Spaces (Projekt Records)
Fils des Étoiles - Made From Love
Forrest Fang - Following The Ether Sun (Projekt Records)
From the Mouth of the Sun - Hymn Binding (Lost Tribe Sound)
Flyagaric Forest - Ar Var Alda
Fourth Dimension - The Perfect Form (Synphaera)
Frore & Shane Morris - Eclipse (Spotted Peccary)
Gal.k - Coastal Planes (Mindspring Music)
Gnoomes - Tschak! (Rocket Recordings)
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Steps (Sun Sea Sky Productions)
Grails - Chalice Hymnal (Temporary Residence Ltd)
Gypsy Witch - Journey Through Wild Places (Aural Films)
Gypsy Witch - Unspoken (Aural Films)
Hammock - Mysterium
Hauschka - What If (City Slang / Temporary Residence Ltd)
Hior Chronik - Out of the Dust (7K!)
I Awake - Zenith (Merkaba Music)
In'R'Voice - Metadreams (Parts 1-3) (Cosmicleaf)
Irresistible Force - Kira Kira (Liquid Sound Design)
J. Arif Verner - From a Distant Horizon (Remastered Edition) (Spotted Peccary)
Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell - Sleeping Trees on Earth (Aural Films)
Jason van Wyk - Opacity (Home Normal)
Jason van Wyk - Attachment (Home Normal)
Javi Cánovas - Monochrome Time / One More Day, One Day Less / Pathway
Jeff Pearce - From The Darker Seasons
Jeffrey Koepper - Transmitter (Projekt)
Kevin Lyons - Dancers at the End of Time (We Are All Ghosts)
Key-G - Omens & Artifacts (Desert Trax)
Koan - Serenity Side A. (Blue Tunes Chillout)
Liquid Bloom - ReGen: AtYyA Remixes (Black Swan)
Liquid Rainbow - Blue Rose Sessions (Bass Star Records)
London Grammar - Truth is a Beautiful Thing (Island)
Lorenzo Montanà - Phase IX (Projekt)
Lowercase Noises - The Swiss Illness
Maiia - Shining Dragon (Mystic Sound)
Maiia - Live At Brooklyn Hall (Mystic Sound)
Makyo - Tribal Dub (Dakini)
Maitreya - Avatar Kalki (Astropilot Music)
Mésange - Heliotrope (God Unknown)
) Metamorphosis - Rhythm Of The Universe (Altar Records)
Misled Convoy - Tickling the Dragon's Tail (Dubmission)
Mogwai - Every Country's Sun (Temporary Residence Ltd)
Monkey Puzzle - The Multi-Dimensional Satchel
Moon Frog - Standing On Ceremony (Desert Trax)
MTA Lab - In Luv (SynGate)
Mystical Sun - Altitude (Buddhaverse Records)
Natural Life Essence - Wave Bio Collector (Cyan)
Nemesis - Decades 3 2008-2017
Nibana - Shūmatsu No Tani (Ektoplazm)
NIMI - Metanoia (Visionary Shamanics)
Nodens Ictus - The Cozmic Key
Oneohtrix Point Never - Rifts (Software)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time (Soundtrack) (Warp)
Osi and the Jupiter - Uthuling Hyl (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)
Panda Dub - Shapes & Shadows (Original Dub Gathering)
Papir - Papir V (Stickman Records)
Perge - Catharsis
Philippa Dowding and Allister Thompson - Birches (The Gateless Gate Music)
Poppy Ackroyd - Sketches (One Little Indian)
Poranguí - A Shamans Dream Project - Ayahuasca Remixed (Desert Trax)
Prequell - The Future Comes Before (Mercury Records)
Radio Massacre International - A Bridge Further (Northern Echo Recordings)
Saafi Brothers - The Quality Of Being One (Liquid Sound Design)
Saluberrimae - Time Is A Flat Circle (Neogoa)
Scott Lawlor - A Broken Spirit (Studio 4632)
Sendelica - Lilacs Out of the Deadlands (Sunhair Music)
Shpongle - Codex VI (Twisted Records)
S1gns Of L1fe - Pathways To Ascension (Synphaera)
Si Matthews - Aurora (TXT)
Silent Island - Fall of Oceans
Sinepearl - Psithurism
Slak Magic - Nature Never Lies (Mutantra/Dubsahara)
Sleeping Pandora - Quiet Pass
Son of Mars - Interdimensional (Merkaba)
Stefan Torto - Indivisual Connections (Cosmicleaf)
Stellardrone - Between The Rings
Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation (Projekt)
Steven Wilson - To The Bone (Caroline International)
Stimulus Timbre - A Place We Never Been (Cosmicleaf)
Sverre Knut Johansen - Secret Space Program (Spotted Peccary)
Symbolico - Connectika (Merkaba)
Takkra - Technicolor Talk (Mindspring)
Tatsava - The Moon, The Other Side and Beyond
Tatsava - The Great Mystery of the Parrot Man
Terra Nine - Heart of the Matter (Iboga Records)
The American Dollar - Music For Chilling Out (Yesh Music)
The Black Angels - Death Song (Partisan Records)
The Echelon Effect - Signals
The Evil Winters - Littlemouse EP (Fantastic Oval)
The Gnome - Drift (Section Records)
The Intangible - Albums 1-9
The Rosen Corporation - Above Clouds (
The Rosen Corporation - Tarkovsky (
Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. V (Carpe Sonum)
Tom Caufield - Wash The Dusk With Silver (Bohemian Embassy)
Translippers - Hover (Cosmicleaf)
Tsunxmi - Ephemera (Bludhoney)
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk - Passage (Azure Vista)
V/A - 2017 Mixed Genre Sampler (Studio 4632)
V/A - Into The Space Vol.1-3 (45 Echoes Sounds)
V/A - AJNA (Visionary Shamanics)
V/A - Bass Temple (Visionary Shamanics)
V/A - Chilam Impacts (Badgers Records)
V/A - Colours II. Fire (Astropilot)
V/A - Dubiquinone (Hadra AlterVision)
V/A - Ethnostep 7 (Subbass)
V/A - Hidden Light (Microcosmos Chill-Out & Ambient)
V/A - Pop Ambient 2018 (Kompakt) (released: Nov 2017)
V/A - Resonant Being (Merkaba)
V/A - Selections By Master Margherita (Sofa Beats)
V/A - Silas and Friends VI (Parts 1-3) (WeAreAllGhosts)
V/A - Scott Lawlor & Friends Vol. 1
V/A - Shambhala Grooves (Visionary Shamanics)
V/A - Spiritual Alchemy (Visionary Shamanics)
V/A - Tribal Wave (Big Wave)
V/A - Trip to Proxima B (Kahvi Collective)
Warmth - Home (Archives)
Watter - History of the Future (Temporary Residence Ltd)
Wei-Chi Field - Pathways (Aquatic Collective)
White Hills - Stop Mute Defeat (Thrill Jockey)
William Hoshal - Drift Into Shadows (Studio 4632)
William Ryan Fritch - The Sum Of Its Parts
Wolfgang Gsell & Candy L - Ode To Humanity (Studio 4632)
Wolfgang Gsell & William Hoshal - Island of Lost Times (Studio 4632)
Zymosis - Insight (Sentimony Records)