MeggaMusic : Best albums of 2019

In alphabetical order (impossible to place in order of preference)

36 - The Lower Lights (3six Recordings)
4T Thieves and Pandacetamol - She Danced on the Sand (Kahvi Collective)
aAirial - Wanderings (Mahorka)
Advanced Suite - A Mystics Cauldron Of Suites (Visionary Shamanics)
Aksemetrix - Sound Signal (Astropilot Music)
All India Radio - Eternal (AIR / Qrates)
All India Radio - Embryo Músico (Vols. 1 & 2) (Minty Fresh)
Alluste - In The Deep Blue (Groove Unlimited / Neu Harmony)
Ambidextrous - Uraniborg (Sealt)
Anoice - Ghost in the Clocks (Ricco Label)
Artificial Waves - The Complexity of Simple (Fluttery)
Ascent & Argus - Daylight Again (Altar)
Astropilot - Organic Remixes. Updated & Remastered (Astrosphere)
Astropilot - Solar Walk III. Unseen Chapters (Astropilot Music)
Aukai - Reminiscence (AukaiMusic)
Aythar - Cosmic Resonances (Carpe Sonum)
Az-Ra - Escape Velocity (Dubsahara)
Badub - United Inspiration (Visionary Shamanics)
Bastarda - Ars Moriendi (Time Released Sound)
Beatfarmer - On The Wind
Be Forest - Knocturne (We Were Never Being Boring Collective)
Bersarin Quartett - Methoden Und Maschinen (Denovali)
Billow Observatory - III: Chroma/Contour (Azure Vista)
Black Lung - NXIVM (Ant-Zen)
Bluetech - Liquid Geometries In Dub (Liquid Sound Design)
bvdub - At the Alter (Brock Van Wey, self-released)
Chronos - Colourful (Cosmicleaf)
Chronos - Israeli Connection (Cosmicleaf)
Coam - Quantic Mother EP (Merkaba)
Corey Fuller - Break (12k)
Cousin Silas - Short Stories 4 (Studio 4632)
Cousin Silas - Orphans One & Orphans Two (Studio 4632)
Cousin Silas & Candy L - Scenes From A Forest (Studio 4632)
Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Toward The Horizon (Spotted Peccary)
David Helpling - RUNE (Spotted Peccary)
David Holmes & Brian Irvine - Ordinary Love OST (Touch Sensitive)
David Newlyn - Film Stills (Cathedral Transmissions)
Dense - Revived Stones (Cosmicleaf)
Desert Dwellers - Breath (Black Swan)
Djam Karet - A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof (Cuneiform / HC Productions)
DROIDROY - 水中都市 (No Problema Tapes)
Dubmaster Conte - Trip Hop (Bass Star)
East Forest - Music for Mushrooms: A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner (Bandcamp / Aquilo)
Ecovillage - Hold My Hand (Eilean)
EFSS - Tidal Shift (SynGate)
Eguana - Invisible Civilization Vol. 3 (Cosmicleaf)
Everyday Dust - Beyond the Capital (Sparkwood)
Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel - The Lightness of Dark (Little Hartley Music)
Forrest Fang - Ancient Machines (Projekt)
Forrest Fang - The Fata Morgana Dream (Projekt)
Fourth Dimension - Ubique (Synphaera)
Futuregrapher & Eric 'the' Taylor - Effects Of Clouds (Neotantra)
Gapfield - Phantom Elements (Carpe Sonum)
Globular - Untangled Everything (Globular / self-released)
Gnoomes - Mu! (Rocket Recordings)
Gum Takes Tooth - Arrow (Rocket Recordings)
Gunnar Spardel - Simplicity In A Complex World (Terminal 4)
Hammock - Silencia (Hammock Music)
Hammock - Undercurrents (Hammock Music)
Haythem Mahbouli - Catching Moments in Time (Schole) <== exceptional !!!
Hibernation - Ambient Re:Works 01 (Seb Taylor / self-released)
Hugar - Varða (Masterworks)
I-One - Forms of Water (Cosmicleaf)
ishq - Moonflower (ishq)
ishq - Autumn Leavess (Summerland)
Jäh Division - Dub Will Tear Us Apart (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
James Murray & Francis M Gri - Remote Redux (Ultimae)
John Novak - The Moon is a Strange God (Kahvi Collective)
John Serrie - Azurae (Valley Entertainment)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Sacred Dreams (Rocket Recordings)
Julie's Haircut - In The Silence Electric (Rocket Recordings)
Kalya Scintilla - Gaian Code (Merkaba)
Kano - Light Only in the Dark (Visionary Shamanics)
Kaya Project - Ambient Mixes 2 (Seb Taylor / self-released)
Kellerkind Berlin - Songs for Travelling (SynGate)
Ken Martin - Folding Spaces / Berlin Impressions Vol 4 / Solitude / Electra / Vanishing Point (5 x albums / Bandcamp)
Ken Martin - Galactic Encounters / Passengers / Foundations Edge / Supernova / The Stars Look Down (5 x albums / Bandcamp)
Ken Martin - Irradiance / Dream Divisons / Origins / Dark Skies White Light / Winterscapes 2 / Ellipsoid (6 x albums / Bandcamp)
Kenseth Thibideau - Suns of Riley (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Koan - Briar Rose (Blue Tunes Chillout)
Koan - Macbeth (Sealt)
Lamb - The Secret of Letting Go (Cooking Vinyl)
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Rainford // Heavy Rain (On-U Sound)
Lingua Lustra - Emotive Motifs (Databloem)
Lisbeth Scott - Machu Picchu OST (Hearts of Space)
Los Tabanos Experience - Rise of the Melted Eagle (Drone Rock)
Mark Peters - Ambient Innerland (Sonic Cathedral Recordings)
Mathias Grassow - The World Wars i & II: A Symphony of Steel (GS Productions/RecordJet)
Mick Chillage - 09​-​19 (Fantasy Enhancing)
Michael Brückner - Astronauts 2 - The Great 1994 Gravity Escape (Aural Films)
Michael Brückner - The Undercurrent (Syngate)
Middlemarch - The Mirror and the Light (Carpe Sonum)
Mikael Lind - Contingencies (Archives, Spain)
Mindless Faith - Insectual (AlterCulture)
Mono - Nowhere Now Here (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Motionfield - Signals (Neotantra)
Mystic Crock - Seduced Senses (Nomad)
Nango Manchay - Under Our Sun (Desert Trax)
Natural Life Essence - In-Organic Adventures // Linked Environments (Bandcamp)
Neuland (Paul Haslinger & Peter Baumann) - Neuland
Nodens Ictus - Kozfest Live 2018
Obsqure - Oriental Banquet (Cosmicleaf)
Ocoeur - Everything (n5MD)
Offthesky - Illuminate (Eilean)
Ohio (Taylor Dupree & Corey Fuller) - Upward, Broken, Always (12k)
Osi and the Jupiter - Nordlige Rúnaskog (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)
Pepo Galán - Strange Parentheses Remixes (Archives, Spain)
Psychoz - Garlands (Avatar)
Randon Myles - Songs From a Country House
Rising Galaxy - Horizons in the Dark (Cosmicleaf)
Robert Farrugia - Adrift (Archives, Spain)
Rudy Adrian - Woodlands (Spotted Peccary)
Scorn - Cafe Mor (Ohm Resistance)
Scott Lawlor - Divine Presence (Free Floating Music)
Shalohim - Re Incarnation (Desert Trax)
Shima33 - FADING (No Problema Tapes)
Sinepearl - Archeology Vol.1
Six By Seven - EX 201 (Saturday Night Sunday Morning)
Slow Meadow - Happy Occident (Hammock Music)
Smooth Genestar - Rétrospectif (Cyan)
Spatialize - Beyond The Radar (Bandcamp)
State Azure - Modular Works II & III
Stefan Torto feat. Blue Jays - Progressions (Cosmicleaf)
Steve Roach - Trance Archeology (Projekt)
Substan - DigiTales I (Bandcamp)
Tambour - Constellations EP (Moderna Records)
Taras Bulba - One (Riot Season)
Teeth of the Sea - Wraith (Rocket Recordings)
The Pirate Ship Quintet - Emitter (Denovali)
The Rosen Corporation - Hades (
Various Artists - 100th Compilation (Merkaba)
Various Artists - Ambient Online Themed Compilation(s): 02-05 (Ambient Online)
Various Artists - Artifacts Vol.2 (Astropilot Music) Various Artists - Adversus Sonum ne Loquitor (Carpe Sonum)
Various Artists - LostinSound Compilation Summer 2019
Various Artists - NOP-100: scape | y.7 (No Problema Tapes)
Various Artists - Pay It All Back Vol. 7 (On-U Sound)
Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2020 (Kompakt)
Various Artists - Sacred Bass Sessions Vol. 2 (Visionary Shamanics)
Various Artists - Temple of Dub (Visionary Shamanics)
Various Artists - The Ambient Zone Collections: 002-004 (The Ambient Zone)
Various Artists - The Emporium Project : 1point3/4/5 (We Are All Ghosts)
Various Artists - Tone Science Module No.3: Cosines and Tangents (DiN)
Various Artists - Touched By Silence (Touched)
Various Artists - Visionary Worlds 3 (Visionary Shamanics)
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol.4 (Plexus)
Warmth - Wildlife (Archives, Spain)
West Dylan Thordson - Glass (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Back Lot Music)
West Remi - Second Day (45 Echoes Sounds)
Wilfried Hanrath - Glow (Submarine Broadcasting Co.)
William Ryan Fritch - Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Volume I & II (Lost Tribe Sound)
Woob - Hypersleep 10 (Bigamoebasounds)

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