MeggaMusic - Best Albums of 2012 (inpo)

Tame Impala - Lonerism (Modular Recordings)
Potlatch - Le Grand Bleu (Cosmicleaf)
Alluste - Cold Gate (Neu Harmony)
Al Gromer Khan - Kula Jazz: Tantric Miniatures (Rasa Music)
Khamsa Khala - All Rites Reversed (Lens Records)
Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Totem Box (Daymare)
Flutatious - 333
Hawkwind - Onward (Back On Black / Eastworld)
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Stellar Variations (Esoteric Antenna)
Goat - World Music (Rocket Recordings)
E-Mantra - Silence (Altar)
Maserati - Maserati VII (Temporary Residence Limited)
Peaking Lights - Lucifer In Dub (Weird World)
The Luck of Eden Hall - Alligators Eat Gumdrops
Citta Flow - Illuminate (Bandcamp)
The American Dollar - Awake In The City
Qualia - Kaleidoscopes (Arête Records)
Damn Robot! - Jasurp (Hawk Moon)
Cousin Silas - Unhinged Constellations (WeAreAllGhosts)
Bersarin Quartett - II (Denovali)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - Underrated Silence (Bureau B)
Mars Lasar - AfterWorld (Sound Manipulations)
Shine & Adham Shaikh - Great Central Sun (Sonicturtle)
B. Fleischmann - I'm Not Ready For The Grave Yet (Morr Music)
Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago (Denovali Records / Tru Thoughts)
Arcana - As Bright As A Thousand Suns (Cyclic Law)
Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement (Denovali / One Little Indian) Kuba - Random Precision (Chillcode)
Stevin McNamara - Shanti Guitar (White Swan)
Ambidextrous - Radio Not (Sealt)
Germind - Reincarnation (Plexus)
Opii - Encounters (Plexus)
Daniel Pemberton - Space Dive OST (1812)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Rifts (Software)
Amygdala Projects - Syzygy
Astronaut Ape - A Little Closer To The Stars (Microcosmos)
Kalpataru Tree - Luminosophy
Atman Construct - Elysian Terraform (Liquid Seed)
Dubtrak - The Dancer Behind The Mask (Psyderweb)
Green Beats - Cosmic Turtle (Nutek Chill)
Hadron Orchestra - Transparent Angel (Chameleon)
HuuHaa - HaaHuu 2012 (Full Sound)
JP Illusion - Dreamcatcher EP (Harmonia)
Side Liner - Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2 (Cosmicleaf)
Naturelement - Chill-O-Matta (SpaceBaby)
Specialmind - The Missing Particle (Sentimony)
Swen (Dzoncy) strOOp - Forest in Peace (Ashoka)
Tor.Ma - Inside Universe (Beats N Pieces)
Zymosis - Between Two Points (Altar)
I-One - All Is One (Jamendo)
Sky Effect - Blooming Eye (Plusquam)
Sinepearl - Through Water She Spoke (Interchill)
Sync24 - Comfortable Void (Ultimae)
Thought Guild - Third Voyage (Harmonic Resonance)
Jule Grasz - Earth Feelings (Beats & Pieces)
Jupi/ter - Δ
Connect.Ohm - 9980 (Ultimae)
Off Land - Circadia (Testtube)
Divine Matrix - Atmospheric Variations (AD Music)
Panabrite - Soft Terminal (Digitalis)
Panabrite - Blue Grotto (Digitalis)
Vanderson - Synthetic Breath
Isidro Castro - Flightpath Vol 1 (Altera Orbe)
Ron Boots - Signs In The Sand (Groove Unlimited)
Nemesis - Living Statues (Bandcamp)
Robert Schroeder - Ferro OXID (Spheric Music)
Robert Schroeder - New Frequencies Vol. 2 (Spheric Music)
Forrest Fang - Animism (Projekt)
Steven Halpern - Deep Alpha (Halpern Inner Peace Music)
Erik Wøllo - Airborne (Projekt)
(val)Liam - Dissolving Archetypes (Beats & Pieces)
The Gnome - In Quiet Spaces (Cyan Music / Psy-Harmonics)
Makyo - Purnima (Dakini)
Beatfarmer - Cave to Sky (Sunset Labs / Ovnimoon)
Jef Stott - Arcana (Six Degrees)
Thomas Newman - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (OST) (Sony)
Tikki Masala - Dil Ka Desh (Mind Plug)
Desert Dwellers - Anahata Yoga Dub (Yogitunes)
Desert Dwellers - Recalibrated Vol. 1 (Desert Trax)
Salook - Ideas In Transit
Akasha Experience - Shamanized (Dubmission)
Kalya Scintilla - Dance the Spiral Never Ending (Merkaba)
Kalya Scintilla - Remixed (Merkaba)
Synthetic Sunrise - So Much Experience (Spaceradio)
Radioactive Sandwich - Mirage (Omnitropic)
Taruna - Beyond The Event Horizon
Yppah - Eighty One (Ninja Tune)
Chris Spheeris - Maya (Essence)
Benjy Wertheimer & John de Kadt - One River (Shantala)
Jekks and The Priests of Heka - The Cosmic Meditation
Chronos - When Mars Meets Venus (Altar)
Mystical Sun - 26000 (Earthdance)
Shulman - ALive (Aleph Zero)
Quanta - Beneath The Surface
Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy - Yakaruna
Soulacybin - Self-Existing Earth (Psyderweb)
DarXtar - Aged To Perfection (Transubstans)
Electric Moon - Cellar Space Live Overdose (Sulatron)
Øresund Space Collective - Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix (Phonofile)
Black Market Karma - Cocoon (Flower Power)
Ohead - Visitor (HeadLab)
Tangerine Dream - Booster V (Eastgate)
Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol 5 (Kemado)
Cosmic Trip Machine - Mantras, Exorcisms And Rituals (Reverb Worship)
The Raveonettes - Observator (Vice)
A Whisper In The Noise - To Forget (Exile On Mainstream)
Kaki King - Glow (Velour)
Cat Power - Sun (High Note)
Lana Del Ray - Born To Die !!! (Interscope / Polydor)
Various Artists - Space Rock: The Compilation (Sound For Good)
Various Artists - Special Places (Compiled by Astropilot) (Sentimony)
Various Artists - Native Planet (Random)
Various Artists - Ethnostep Vol. 1 & 2 (Subbass)
Various Artists - FuTuRe SoUnD Of ThE UnDeRGrOuNd (Earth City Recordz)
Various Artists - Didgeridoo Drum Dance 2 (Music Mosaic)
Various Artists - Dubble Trubble (Gravitas)
Various Artists - Trail Records: Five Years in Space 2007-2012