MeggaMusic - Best Albums of 2013 (inpo)

Stellardrone - Light Years (Energostatic)
Kurbeats - Folktronica (Event Horizon)
InnerSonar - InnerSonar (Bandcamp/Spotify)
Living Light - Ecliptic Visions (Desert Trax)
Amygdala - Pillars of Creation (BFW Recordings)
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Tales From The Grand Bazaar (Siz Degrees)
Dave Brock - Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams (Esoteric / Cherry Red)
Mountains - Centralia (Thrill Jockey)
Black Market Karma - Upside Out Inside Down (Flower Power)
Ascent And Argus - Beyond Sight (Ovnimoon)
Agnes Obel - Aventine (PIAS)
Kikagaku Moyo - Kikagaku Moyo (Cosmic Eye)
Der Waldläufer - Wanderlust (Ambiosoul)
Rising Appalachia & The Human Experience - Soul Visions
Red Eye Express - Primonato (Tempest)
Akasha Experience - Into The Web (Dubmission)
Rob Vector - Future Songs of Old (Ektoplazm)
Entheogenic - Enthymesis
Public Service Broadcasting - Inform-Educate-Entertain (Test Card Recordings)
This Patch Of Sky - Heroes And Ghosts
Qualia - Everything Is Going To Be Fine (Arête Records)
Christopher Alvarado & Ari Porki - Menagerie of Clouds (Aural Films)
Christopher Alvarado - Ancient Doors (Aural Films)
Cousin Silas - East (WeAreAllGhosts)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - Tomorrow Is Another Day (Bureau B)
Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn (Loci)
Phaeleh - Tides (Afterglo)
Indigolab - The Last Cartographer of Dreams
Astronaut Ape - Ten Minutes Eternity (Microcosmos)
Seb Taylor - Collected Downtempo Vol. 1
Dedast - Banished From The Realm (Cosmicleaf)
Globular - Magnitudes of Order (Ektoplazm)
Hinkstep - Out Inner Space (Ovnimoon)
Logical Elements - Translunary (D-A-R-K)
MorpheuS - Oneiromancy (Bandcamp)
Pan Electric & Alexander Daf - All Around The World (Tempest)
Side Liner - Water Everywhere (Cosmicleaf)
Yarn - Yarnia (Psylife)
Innovation Reality - Tearswitcher (Zentriert Ins Antlitz)
Sky Effect - Sound Catcher (Jamendo)
Zen Baboon - Suber (Electrik Dream)
Entheogenic Sound Explorers - Quarto (Databloem)
Cafe Amsterdam - Audio Hydrates (SpaceRadio)
Auditive Escape - Light Finder
Auditive Escape - Synesthesia
Thought Guild - Electric Curios (Harmonic Resonance)
S7VEN - A Comforting Thought (Quark)
Solar Fields - Origin # 02 (Ultimae)
Adham Shaikh - Refractions Vol 2 (Sonicturtle)
Panabrite - Cortex Meridian (Constellation Tatsu)
Panabrite - Xenon District (VCO)
Alluste - Aliens Enigmas (Neu Harmony)
Alluste - Boards of Stringana (Neu Harmony)
Brendan Pollard & Javi Canovas & Adrian Dolente & Michael Daniel - Two Roads (Acoustic Wave)
Joost Egelie - Particles (United Studios USC)
Robert Schroeder - Slow Motion (Spheric Music)
East Forest - Prana
Enoch Prusak - The Way I See (Digital Duvet)
Harold Budd - Jane 1-11 (Darla)
Darshan Ambient - Little Things (Spotted Peccary)
Autumn Of Communion - Autumn Of Communion (Fax)
Padmasana - Padmasana II (Dakini)
Banco de Gaia - Apollo (Disco Gecko)
Celt Islam - Baghdad (Earth City Recordz)
The Shimmer Effect - Mechanosensitive (Bushmen)
Kalya Scintilla - Eloquent Expansion (Merkaba)
Synthetic Sunrise - Inner Self Discovering (Spaceradio)
Kris Kylven & Syb-Sonic - Angel Dust (Kissthesound)
Akara - The World Beyond (Merkaba)
Dead Beat Project - Samsara (AD Music)
Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas - Medicine Work (Dr. BAM's Music)
R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman - Awakening The Fire (Canyon)
Teeth of the Sea - Master (Rocket Reecordings)
Papir - Papir III (El Paraiso)
The Kings Of Frog Island - IV (Elektrohasch Schallplatten)
Tuber - Desert Overcrowded (Neda)
Tangerine Dream - Booster VI (Eastgate)
Phil Thornton - Visions Of Tibet (New World Music)
Lamp of the Universe - Transcendence (Astral Projection)
Nine Invisibles - Future Shock (Earth City)
Girls In Hawaii - Everest (Naïve)
Still Corners - Strange Pleasures (Sub Pop)
William Tyler - Impossible Truth (Merge)
Daniel Voth - The Singularity (CandyRat)
Planet Boelex - Exist (Kahvi Collective)
Smoke Fairies - Ghosts (Music For Heroes)
Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks (Polydor)
Various Artists - Silas & Friends Vol. 2 (WeAreAllGhosts)
Various Artists - The Best Chillout of Plexus Music 2 (Plexus)
Various Artists - Ethnostep 4 (Subbass)
Various Artists - Hypnogogia (Wiquid Liquid)
Various Artists - Microcosmos Chill-Out Vol. 1 (Microcosmos)
Various Artists - Mind Gap (Kupuri)
Various Artists - Organic Wave (Kupuri)
Various Artists - Interchill Spores (Interchill)
Various Artists - Top 40 Ambient Tracks (Altar)